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By donating to GenNext, you will be making a direct investment in the future of our Southern Californian youth.

Hundreds of young Armenians have already experienced the benefit from GenNext and with the support of our donors, we can introduce new initiatives and programming that will have a lasting impact on our youth.

Your donation today will help GenNext:

  • Increase program participation and accept new mentees and mentors, as well as case managers to effectively monitor and foster strong relationships;
  • Introduce new areas of the program that will directly improve the lives of disadvantaged youth, including newly arrived refugees from the Middle East and Armenia;
  • Collaborate with community organizations and implement more co-curricular activities;
  • Invite special guests and industry professionals to conduct a variety of workshops that will empower and educate our youth;
  • Provide enriching activities for our mentees that will increase their confidence, enhance their knowledge of Armenian history and culture, and prepare them for future careers and opportunities.


All program expenses are funded through AGBU and the generosity of our donors. The gracious commitment of our new and loyal donors will allow us to continue these essential program improvements, expand our impact, and build a stronger foundation and better tomorrow for our Armenian youth.

Today’s fundraising efforts are critical to the program’s long-term sustainability and expansion. Please consider making a contribution to GenNext provide a bright and promising path for at-risk youth in Southern California.


Thank You