To space and back: GenNext travelers are all over the place in October

October was an incredible month for our GenNexters! Mentors and mentees participated in a number of activities that were both enlightening and educational. With every activity that we put together for our mentees, our priority is to create opportunities for development and understanding. We hope to create valuable memories from these experiences that will support our youth for a lifetime.

Early October saw our mentors and mentees attending the annual JPL Open House in Pasadena and the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. GenNexters made their way through the exhibits, met with and spoke to JPL scientists about the cosmos, took photos with the sun, stars, and galaxies, and interacted with other visitors throughout the day. It was a developmental experience for our mentees as well as great fun for the entire group.

Later in the month, we were able to get 10 free tickets to view “Aram, Aram,” a wonderful film about a 12 year-old boy who is suddenly uprooted from his home in Armenia and “sent to live with his Grandfather in America where he struggles to navigate the clash between old-world values and new-school Armenian identity in Little Armenia.” The film was followed by a great discussion on the current state of Armenian youth in Los Angeles and the struggles and issues they face. This film presents a unique opportunity for mentors and mentees to discuss their own experiences and fosters a great conversation about identity. We were incredibly fortunate to have received the tickets by USC’s Institute of Armenian Studies, which continues to be a great resource for GenNext.

Stay tuned for more news in December as GenNexters get philanthropic in the month of November!