GenNexters get serious about health and wellness

Judging by the entries we received for our 2015 Health & Wellness Scholarship, we think that our mentees would definitely agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said that “the first wealth is health.”

With this opportunity, provided to us by AGBU, several of our mentees participated in their very first scholarship essay for a chance to win $500 worth of health related services. Before this project, many of our young mentees had never even heard the word scholarship, but because of it, nearly a half-dozen of them submitted responses.

Mentors worked with their Mentees to polish their essays and prepare them for the submission deadline. The winner of the scholarship was a very deserving mentee who worked very hard on her essay along with her mentor who helped to edit and review her work.

This tremendous opportunity afforded to our youth has gone a very long way toward supporting the development of all of our mentees and not just the winner