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The AGBU Generation Next Mentorship Program (GenNext) is committed to assisting Southern California youth of Armenian descent by providing them with a community of positive role models that will support and guide them as they make their way through the perilous journey of adolescence.
Armenian youth enroll in GenNext during their middle school years and the majority remain in the program until they graduate from high school.

Adolescents not only need, but crave, the strong and committed support system they encounter when they enter the AGBU family. Faced with various serious social and peer pressures, including the temptations of drugs and alcohol, sexual promiscuity, violence in schools, and gang involvement, GenNext arms its Mentees with the tools needed to overcome these challenges.

Through one-to-one and group mentorship opportunities, GenNext Mentees spend quality time with trained volunteer Mentors who act as positive role models in their lives. Mentors actively listen and engage with Mentees as they share experiences that truly expand their horizons and help activate the great potential within each youth. Mentors offer invaluable encouragement and support and become the driving force behind the students’ short and long term successes.

Throughout the program, GenNext Case Managers carefully monitor the development of each Mentee. They also act as resource brokers between the youth and his/her family when additional support is needed. As part of a holistic approach to mentoring, GenNext also works very closely with community service providers and school district staff, teachers, and counselors to ensure that Mentees are fully supported.

All program expenses are funded through AGBU and the generosity of our donors allowing us to offer the Program at no cost.